Service Serves Us


The objective of this workshop will be to understand the role that Top Management has to play in encouraging its staff to extend an outstanding customer service to its clientele. Moreover, the need to demonstrate to its clientele that the client interface staff of the Institution possesses the right skills and the self-motivation to serve the clientele with a passion.

Target Audience

All Managerial Staff across the Entity

Number of Participants and Timing

To get the best impact of this initiative it is suggested to have one-day educational and inspirational workshop to the above target audience, with ideally 30 nos. in a batch (6 pax into 5 groups), from 8.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.


Any leading Institution today has a need to maintain a reputation for their intense focus and high standards of quality in everything they do. In the current context it is through outstanding Customer Experience (CX) that one can establish a ‘distinct sustainable differentiation’ to the institution. In view of the above fact this learning programme will enable the senior management to strategise in setting up an excellent service culture in the organisation. At this workshop the improvements required to the ‘Policies’, ‘Processes’ and ‘People’ elements will be given due emphasis.

Learning Methodology

Combinations of mini-lectures, open forum discussions, true to life examples, relating success stories taken from the current scenario, individual and group assignments. An interactive programme which requires a high degree of audience participation.

Course Contents:

Expect – Identify what exactly customers need today.

Explore – How best specific need can be fulfilled under the given circumstances.

Explain – Make customers aware on what they are supposed to know.

Expose – Make things; appealing for customer convenience.

Expedite – Be prompt in solving customers’ requirements.

Exact – Be accurate with every ‘word’ and ‘deed’.

Execute – Identify the need to fine-tune issues related to; ‘Policies’, ‘Processes’ and or ‘People’ for higher productivity and create a better customer experience.

Exceed – Go an ‘extra mile’ to create a memorable experience.

Exchange – Provide value through ‘win-win’ solutions.

Examine – Get feedback to; assess and improve standards.

Excuse – Effectively manage ‘service mishaps’ and ‘pain points’.

Exist – Maintain consistency in every activity.